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Mensaje  Luzfer el Sáb Sep 04, 2010 6:30 pm

The team Terms of Knights Templar

Forum Rules

Hi all, these rules are to make known certain rights and obligations on
* Have respect for other players. (He speaks of this in the Rules of the Game).
* Set short messages in the forum and the problem directly, we avoid saturating the forum, and posts
are weary of reading.
* Messages are not permitted, or MP, type: Racist, harassing, threatening, intolerant,
abusive, obscene, sexual or any other content that might offend the moral and / or
feelings of other users.
* It is prohibited the impersonation of team members. This includes Names, Avatars
Signatures, etc.
* Prohibited the publication, whether in posts or signatures, links to the following topics:
Online-Games other than Knights Templar Revelation.
-Community (Forums) non-Luzfer
-Pages-profit or property of other companies not affiliated with Luzfer to
except those which are used to spread cultural content knowledge or are
general (such as Google, Wikipedia, or YouTube).
"In general, links with the aim of advertising the site, its owner, or its contents and
not connected with the Knights Templar Revelation.
* Images of signatures should not exceed 500x100 or measures 450x150 (not
combined these sizes) and not contain any animation. Maximum weight 30 Kb
* The text size will always be between 9 and 12.
* The avatars can measure a maximum of 200x200, weighing more than 6 kb in weight and should not
contain any animation.
* The forum rules also apply to images that include the signatures and avatars.
These regulations have been set by the directors of Knights Templar Revelation
and in them lies the only right be modified or have the right to make exceptions on
Likewise, the Knights Templar Revelation team and reserves the right Luzfer
to make changes in the rules as considered appropriate.

The game
At the time you buy an account of this game, it becomes yours, established by Spanish law.
That does not entitle you, overwhelm anyone or cheating, because you may remove the game (Read the
rules of the game)
Luzfer, has the right of first refusal on the repurchase of the account. (Probation).
You can also sell your account to others, but always under the supervision of the Team
Knights Templars, because until we reach our copy of the ID and signature
new buyer will not give the transaction as valid.
The selling price of the bill, free trade is because it is their own, and each man made his
Always entitled the holder of the account to sell it and if you do not find a buyer, it is required the
Team Knights Templar to recover their right of first refusal. In this case,
receive half the fees provided the account open take a year, in this case do not
back the recording, as we've recovered the account and have the right to sell
as we see fit, and have no right to any payment from the sale.
The accounts were recovered by the Knights Templar team can not be set to zero,
put up for sale on this forum, with their equipment and levels, but excluded from groups or clans,
if the account was a member of one.
Requirements for the purchase of one count of Knights Templar Revelation.
- Be of age, the responsibility of not complying with this requirement.
- The accounts are purchased through a registration where it gets personal data
acquiring and signature.
- It will pay € 3 for registration and such purchase entitles you to participate for prizes
game, being of legal age
- When buying an account you have the right to use the services provided to you by the team
Knights Templars, on payment of € 5 per month, and you can use that form of payment
suits you and that will at your disposal. Provided they comply with the rules of the game.
- If you stop paying for services, more than three months, we will understand that you do not want
account, which cause direct termination of the contract and recovery of the account team
Knights Templar, but may ask for damages.
- The Knights Templar team has the right of first refusal on the repurchase
- In case of expulsion of the game, for breach of rules or misconduct, the owner of the account
is entitled to a refund of the registration fee and will then terminate the contract.
"In cases of dispute between the parties and renouncing their own jurisdiction, subject to the Courts
Madrid still according to Spanish Law
Game Story
Muslims are challenged to the conquest of Spain, and the Templars to Conquer Al Andalus.

* The use and participation in online games is only possible if the user has opened an
account through a registration process. By filling in the form
application ("record"). The contract is deemed concluded only when the client receives a
registration confirmation e-mail address provided and click on the link
confirmation. The user has no right to conclude a contract.
* The possession of multiple accounts is strictly prohibited, with the automatic suspension
For accounts without right of return.
* To register an account one must be of legal age, or failing that, to have the permit
of their parent or legal guardian. In this case, is established by the Knights team
* The names of the players, offense, on racism, concerning political or
religious harassment or unlawful topic, are strictly prohibited.
* Use the nicknames of the members of The Knights Templar equipment is prohibited and that
character will be deleted immediately without notice.
* Have respect for other players and never insulting. Threaten or blackmail the users are
prohibited. If you believe someone is violating the rules of the game, please contact a
Administrator. Claims will be accepted with screenshots without modification or alterations
to assess the situation.
* The official language on the servers, forums and team is the Castilian Knights Templar.
For the game, notes and others are only allowed to the Castilian. We also note that
vulgar terms were accepted.
* Send messages continuous and repetitive in the Chat (flood) is not allowed.
It is also forbidden to publish links to sites not associated with team
Knights Templar.
The publication of information regarding: Bane, bots, hacks, or anything similar is
prohibited and will result in a penalty on the person who publishes.
Advertising of other sites that are not part of the official websites of the team
Knights Templar are also prohibited.
* Threatening players, team members is strictly Knights Templar
prohibited. Violation of this rule will result in permanent lock / s account / s. If
necessary, action will be taken legally.
* Those who try to take advantage over other players by exploiting
a bug, will be punished.

* Use of software to control the game (macros, Logitech G-series keyboards, etc) is not
permitted and shall be imposed as a result in a permanent ban.
* Not allowed to share account information with others. Each player
committed to maintaining your account information to yourself. Share account is banned!
Sharing of accounts is forbidden! Not allowed to request account information from other
The Knights Templar team never ask for your user name and password. Be it in
account! Do not be fooled by someone posing as us and we will ask for the password!
* In case of complaints or questions about punishment / banner please get in touch with
Management Team Knights Templar.
* The Knights Templar team reserves the right to lock accounts for no reason. The
administrators reserve the right to change and alter the rules of the game in any
* The team of Knights Templar, reserves the right to decide the penalty for
each case.
* The rules set out above, apply with Spanish laws on this forum.
* • It is prohibited the impersonation of team members. This includes Names, Avatars
Signatures, etc.
* The company Luzfer not be liable under any circumstances for content posted by
users such as images or links to copyright.
Dear friends and colleagues, informing them of registration:
It is very important to make entries to bring this project to completion.
It has made his service a website, a forum and TS.
The Knights Templar Revelation team are encouraged to register as soon as possible
The game's start date has not been established. It is working for everyone is of like
of all, and enjoy a great game, with historic feats.
It will keep you informed as time goes on game development as well as the start date
when is this close.
The completion of registration is possible from already, because that gives the advantage of being the first,
there is no problem of "nick busy" ... taking and the purchase of the account made
This will also have the advantage that the user with the appropriate register, receive an e-
e-news and developments about the game ..
Thank you for your valuable time, a greeting.
This is the website that the Knights Templar team offers you.

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